According to statistics, approximately one out of seven men will get prostate cancer every year in the U.S. I was one of those men. However, according to the same statistics, I could have been one of the six out of seven men who won’t get prostate cancer in a given year. This statistic is why many men tell me they feel the odds are in their favor that they won’t get prostate cancer. My answer to that kind of response is: “Don’t bet your life on it.”

Statistics are just numbers that are compiled after the collection of numerical data. If I had relied on statistics and never gotten a PSA test, according to my doctor I probably wouldn’t be here right now. That is why every man should be proactive with their health and talk with their doctor about prostate cancer, the risk factors and the early detection tests, like the PSA test.

Statistics make great conversation, they get us thinking and they can be a great point of reference. But they are not something you should bet your life on. Communication, between you and your doctor is what saves lives, not statistics. So, talk with your doctor today about prostate cancer, it just might save your life.

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