In 2019, my life changed the minute I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer.  In order to lower my risk for cancer and other diseases my doctor, internationally recognized uro-oncologist, Dr. Gregory Merrick told me, I needed to make lifestyle changes that included eating a heart healthy diet.

Following a heart healthy diet was a definite lifestyle change for me.  However, it was done under the care of my doctor, who based on my over all health prescribed a diet plan and list of foods that would help me meet my daily requirements for calcium and protein.  Foods that were high in fiber and those with very little fat were high on the dietary list.

Today my diet consists of organic fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, vegan food items such as sprouted grains, vegan dairy products, plant-based meat substitutes, some wild caught fish, lean meat, and chicken.  I also drink plenty of water avoid saturated fats, sugary and diet drinks.

Prostate cancer was my wake-up call. I was all in the minute Dr. Merrick told me I needed to start eating healthy. It was a no brainer.  I would do whatever it took to avoid going back to the cancer center for several months of daily treatment

According to Dr. Merrick, quality of life and overall survival can be positively influenced by, eating a heart healthy diet, no tobacco products, alcohol in moderation and appropriate cancer screenings to include colonoscopy and PSA.

So what are you waiting for?  Make an appointment and talk with your doctor about adopting a healthy life-style, that is based on your overall health.  Now is the time to be proactive with your health and not reactive.

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